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Rambling,planning and other kinds of 'ing's!

A kind of new approach to cliche trainer fics! W00t!

Our humble little fanfic project
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This is a journal specifically created for me and my friend weaseldog_ltg09 to discuss ideas and maybe even put up fanworks relating to a Pokemon story we are co-creating.

What is this all about, you ask? Well, let me give you the '411' (God, that sounded so cheap XD):

For a long time now, I've visited this little pit of horrors and read about...1,256,479 (okay, maybe not that many) new trainer fics. And none of them were worth spit. Thus, I decided to create my own, attepting to break free of most of the cliches of those OT stories. What cliches? Let's see. A trainer that leaves the tiny village of (insert name of one of the starter towns in blue/red/gold/silver/sapphire/ruby version), they recieve an ultra strong starter, they get two gym leaders to join them on their journey (this idea is especially popular in the gold/silver setting), two brand new Team Rocket members go after the group... seem familiar in any way? Of course, there's also the infamous new trainer whose sole purpose is to seduce a canon character.

This is still a story in progress so I'm not sure if I can post a very long, detailed summary of it. Oh well, I'll still try.

Synopsis: Set in a region far from Kanto, Johto and Hoenn; twin sisters Magenta and Violet turn thirteen, the age when they can finally get their pokemon license.
When they recieve an odd invitation to go choose from a special 'new' set of starters, they were not aware of the sinister motives behind it.

It's an attempt to show a rather realistic view of how pokemon training would affect these teenagers. Y'know, they've got insecurities, doubts, fears, etc. And they get those awkward crushes and such. Though, there is a plot behind this as well.

Despite the silly interests down below, this story is fairly serious. Though, I reserve the right to have fun with this story, don't I? XD

Speaking of which, this story and all its characters belong to staff_of_truth and weaseldog_ltg09. To any aspiring plagiarists, this story was created 08/16/2005, so don't accuse *us* of stealing anything you claim to have created.

Also, Pocket Monsters itself does belong to Nintendo, Game Freak, WB, and the countless other companies that have a piece of the Pokemon franchise pie. So, uh, don't sue us. We're kinda struggling college students and that would suck for us. :,(

Anyway, feel free to post questions or any fanart or stuff relating to this. Or just lurk about. ^_^;

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