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Introducing a New Pokemon Family

Today I'd like everyone to meet two new members of the Violet/Magenta generation of Pokemon...

Snailamp and Coilomb!

Name: Snailamp
Classification: Shell Bulb
Pokedex: This slow-moving Pokemon spends its time feeding near small ponds. At night, it may illuminate its shell in order to search for others to play with.

Type: Electric
Ability: Shell Armor or Illuminate

Hit Points: []
Attack: []
Defense: [][]
Special Attack: [][]
Special Defense: [][]
Speed: []

Description: Snailamp is a cute little snail Pokemon with a mainly creme-colored body, speckled with yellow, and black lining between its body and shell. The shell is coiled and round, is a transparent red, and looking inside of it you can see what appears to be the filament of a light bulb. The shell may look like a light bulb, but it is not made of glass, so it is actually quite sturdy.

Name: Coilomb
Classification: Helix Bulb
Pokedex: Wild Coilomb are pests that often invade gardens and factories alike. They like mouthing on cables or magnetic objects; some have caused power outages.

Type: Electric/Steel
Ability: Shell Armor or Illuminate

Hit Points: [][]
Attack: [][]
Defense: [][][]
Special Attack: [][][]
Special Defense: [][][]
Speed: []

Description: Coilomb is certainly larger than Snailamp (it roughly doubles in size upon evolution), and it has essentialy the same color scheme (more yellow, though). Only now it has a pair of wavy black stripes along its body going from the top of its head to the lining of its shell. The shell is a helix that spirals upward to a rounded point (think like soft ice cream swirling up). It has also become quite hard, heavy, and metallic.

Evolution: Snailamp will evolve into Coilomb when exposed to the Thunderstone.
[ Snailamp >> Coilomb (Thunderstone) ]

Natural (Level-Up) Moves:
Move Snailamp Coilomb
Withdraw 1 1
Thundershock 5 1
Yawn 9 1
Thunder Wave 13 1
Minimize 17 -
Swift 23 -
Sweet Scent 27 -
Charge - 29
Amnesia 35 -
Iron Defense - 37
Zap Cannon 46 -
Gravity - 48

Learnable TM/HM:
06: Toxic
10: Hidden Power
15: Hyper Beam (Coilomb Only)
16: Light Screen
17: Protect
19: Giga Drain
20: Safeguard
21: Frustration
24: Thunderbolt
25: Thunder
27: Return
32: Double Team
33: Reflect
34: Shock Wave
42: Facade
43: Secret Power
44: Rest
45: Attract
HM03: Surf (Coilomb Only)
HM05: Flash
HM08: Dive

FR/LG Move Tutors:
Body Slam
Thunder Wave

Breeding Group: Indeterminate

Egg Moves: Curse, Confuse Ray, Acid Armor, Psywave, Sludge

In case you overlooked it, Coilomb learns a move at level 48 called Gravity. This is an entirely new move, the first of such for the Violet/Magenta generation. Here's the statistics on the new move.

Move: Gravity
Type: Steel
Power Points: 10
Power: 0
Accuracy: 80
Range: Single target, non-contact

Description: Gravity is an attack move that deals damage to the foe equal to half of their remaining Hit Points.

That means that it cuts the target's remaining HP in half, so this move actually can't KO an opponent. Gravity will only continuously cut the opponent's remaing HP in half until it reaches 1, and then if you use it again it should reduce HP to 1/2, but that rounds up back to 1. It is unaffected by type weakness/resistance.

Yes, Gravity can be described as a Steel-type equivalent of Super Fang. Being a move of a different nature, though, it will give more Pokemon the access to the HP-halver effect that was previously monopolized by Ratatta and Raticate, and that's a good thing.

Comments, questions, suggestions are welcomed and highly looked forward to, as usual!
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