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Special Starter Evolutions Data

As I said before, I'm back and I brought some Pokedex data for the evolutions of the special starters!

A few notes first... the starters typically retain their stat comparisons throughout all their evolutions (The relationships between their stats stay the same, though their stats do go up when they evolve, of course.). In true starter form, they also retain their special pinch-damage-increase abilities.

Name: Tigrowl
Classification: Tiger
Pokedex: As this Pokemon grows, its allure becomes fierce, developing into a fear-inducing aura that causes its prey to feel scared and confused when it is nearby.

Type: Dark
Ability: Vengeance

Name: Lunaprowl
Classification: Big Tiger
Pokedex: Lunaprowl exhibits a sinister, easy-going demeanor as well as a strong controlling aura. It enjoys bending the thoughts of others to gain trust and support.

Type: Dark
Ability: Vengeance

Name: Parafool
Classification: Balancing
Pokedex: Its legs are short, but its feet are highly poseable and able to grab hold of things. It performs balancing tricks on its ball to gain appeal and intimidate foes.

Type: Psychic
Ability: Paranoia

Name: Tumblosel
Classification: Juggling
Pokedex: It speeds loudly like a motorcycle by propelling its ball with psychic power. Its large hands snatch objects on the go and then it tosses them about with rhythm.

Type: Psychic
Ability: Paranoia

Name: Burdrak
Classification: Path Seeking
Pokedex: Tame and eager in the wild, Burdrak has been known to guide people to safety when they are lost in caves or on mountain paths. It is also easily enraged.

Type: Dragon/Fire
Ability: Attack Rage

Name: Finsilisk
Classification: Enlightened
Pokedex: Thought to be very wise, it likes to rest on elevated cliffsides. It is said that if it is sleeping with its eyes open, then there is danger on paths ahead.

Type: Dragon/Fire
Ability: Attack Rage

In case you didn't notice, Wyvent gets a second type when it evolves into Burdrak.

If you have any questions, just comment and I'll fill in any details you point out to me that I missed! Hmm... if only we could finally get some pictures of the Pokemon posted up here...
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