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The New Starter Pokemon Revealed!

Hello and welcome, Pokemon story collaborators and hopeful fans alike!

The first thing I'd like to get into is the introduction of the three new starter Pokemon mentioned in the Synopsis on our user info page. These are the starter Pokemon that the three main story characters (Violet, Magenta and Beige) must choose between to be their first Pokemon partner.


Name: Purrnip
Classification: Kitten
Pokedex: This Pokemon seems to exude a charming aura from the day it first opens its eyes. Its call is mysteriously tempting, and thus hard to ignore.

Type: Dark
Ability: Vengeance (Ups DARK moves in a pinch)

Analysis: Purrnip is unique among Dark-types because of its combination of low Attack and high Special Attack, as opposed to the vice-versa seen on other Dark-types like Absol and Sneasel. It also takes advantage of this by learning a lot of special attacks. It starts off knowing only Scratch and Growl, but it soon learns the basic Dark-type attack Knock Off. It eventually learns stronger Dark-type attacks, especially once it evolves. Some support moves are also thrown into the mix, such as Detect and Confuse Ray. Its other stats all turn out to be about average, though its speed is probably a little higher than its defenses.



Name: Caropan
Classification: Wobbling
Pokedex: Upon birth, this Pokemon instinctively seeks out a spherical object on which to balance. By rolling, it can travel quickly despite having tiny, legless feet.

Type: Psychic
Ability: Paranoia (Ups PSYCHIC moves in a pinch)

Analysis: Caropan is a very physical Psychic-type, having high Attack and low Special Attack, almost the opposite of Purrnip. However, when its other stats even out, Special Defense tends to be the highest over Defense and Speed. It starts with Tackle and Leer, and learns very few Psychic attacks by level (only Confusion and Extrasensory). Where its development shines is in the Psychic-type support moves it learns (Meditate, Trick, etc.) and the variety in its physical attacks (including Rollout and Bounce).



Name: Wyvent
Classification: Lost Eyes
Pokedex: A rare Pokemon that can be found wandering the mountains in solitude, it is said that Wyvent always appears to have a distant look in its eyes.

Type: Dragon
Ability: Attack Rage (Ups DRAGON moves in a pinch)

Analysis: Of the three starters introduced here, Wyvent is by far the most balanced overall. When compared statwise it has slightly more HP than the other two, but slightly lower Speed. It starts with Scratch and Tail Whip, and sports a very varied move set containing a few very useful abilities. Wyvent can learn most of the Dragon-type attacks, starting with Twister and eventually obtaining Dragonbreath and Outrage. It also has the ability to learn Fire-type attacks upon its first evolution. Its support moves are especially varied, and include such things as Screech, Harden, and Mean Look.



Hopefully I'll be able to add more later on, such as complete move set tables, stat values, and even TM/HM compatability. I might even work with staff_of_truth to get some suggested drawings of the Pokemon up here. Anyway, that will all have to wait for another time.

Suggestions, comments, questions? Leave a comment and I'd be glad to see how I can assist you!
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