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Standard Grass Starter

Alrighty, time for the Grass-type starter to make its debut! I originally intended to put the Water-type up first, but development issues are holding me back and I'm anxious to post!

Along with Squirmug, Towala is a starter Pokemon that is typically given to new trainers of the Germanic Region upon the passing of their Pokemon Licensing Exams. Towala and its evolutions, Kobrass and Bronzylum make up the family of the Grass-type starter.

Name: Towala
Classification: Koala
Pokedex: This lively specimen was originally a foreign Pokemon, which became a very popular import. Towala seems quite intelligent and can be trained easily.

Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow or Illuminate

Hit Points: [][]
Attack: [][]
Defense: [][]
Special Attack: [][]
Special Defense: [][]
Speed: [][]

Description: Towala is a small koala-based Pokemon, resembling the said animal in basic appearance. However, its ears are more alike to a collection of long, sleek tree leaves. Its fur is primarily green, and in some parts it seems mossy (like a sloth), all except for a yellowish belly.

Name: Kobrass
Classification: Load Koala
Pokedex: This Pokemon is often put to work performing manual labor. It works like a slave, taking to such tasks easily, but it does not respond well to praise.

Type: Grass/Steel
Ability: Overgrow or Illuminate

Hit Points: [][][]
Attack: [][][]
Defense: [][][]
Special Attack: [][][]
Special Defense: [][][]
Speed: [][]

Description: In this evolution Kobrass takes some liking to a gorilla in that its arms become large and strong compared to its legs. However, it still looks primarily like a koala. The mossy look of its fur becomes more like an all-out shrubbery, and the leaves that line the ears become larger, longer, and thicker. The Steel dual-type is derived from chained shackles that are now on each of the Pokemon's arms, and a large bronze metal belt that can be seen around the Pokemon's waist.

Name: Bronzylum
Classification: Chain Koala
Pokedex: Bronzylum is a behemoth that will lift any object in exchange for a fair amount of food. However, it is extremely picky with what it eats.

Type: Grass/Steel
Ability: Overgrow or Illuminate

Hit Points: [][][][]
Attack: [][][][]
Defense: [][][][]
Special Attack: [][][]
Special Defense: [][][]
Speed: [][][]

Description: Bronzylum is what appears to be the King Kong of Koalas, if you will. Very large and gorilla-like, but still maintaining the koala face. The belt around the waist now has wide shoulder straps going up and around the Pokemon's body. The shackles have expanded into large bronze gauntlets that cover almost all of Bronzylum's arms. The chains attached are free and extend a great distance, making them perfect for use as a flailing weapon.

-Towala will evolve into Kobrass at Level 16.
-Kobrass will evolve into Bronzylum at Level 36.

Natural (Level-up) Moves
Move Towala Kobrass Bronzylum
Chain Hurl - - 1
Scratch 1 1 1
Growl 1 1 1
Leech Seed 8 8 8
Supersonic 12 12 12
Comet Punch 16 18 18
Bullet Seed 21 - -
Metal Claw - 23 23
Stun Spore 25 28 28
Screech 30 33 33
Petal Dance 36 - -
Metal Sound - 38 41
Sleep Powder 42 - -
Mirror Coat - 46 50
Meteor Mash - 53 58

Learnable TM/HM:
01: Focus Punch
05: Roar (Kobrass and Bronzylum Only)
06: Toxic
08: Bulk Up (Kobrass and Bronzylum Only)
09: Bullet Seed
10: Hidden Power
11: Sunny Day
15: Hyper Beam (Bronzylum Only)
17: Protect
18: Rain Dance
19: Giga Drain
20: Safeguard (Kobrass and Bronzylum Only)
21: Frustration
22: Solar Beam
23: Iron Tail
26: Earthquake (Kobrass and Bronzylum Only)
27: Return
28: Dig
31: Brick Break
32: Double Team
33: Reflect
34: Shock Wave
37: Sandstorm
39: Rock Tomb
42: Facade
43: Secret Power
44: Rest
45: Attract
46: Thief
HM03: Surf (Bronzylum Only)
HM04: Strength
HM05: Flash
HM06: Rock Smash

Breeding Group: Plant and Ground

Egg Moves: Acid, Flail, Ingrain, Iron Defense, Synthesis, Yawn

Here are the details on Bronzylum's signature move, Chain Hurl.

Name: Chain Hurl
Type: Steel
Power Points: 10
Power: 20
Accuracy: 90
Range: Single, non-contact

Effect: Chain Hurl strikes the foe 2 to 5 times.

Here you all go! Hopefully, this one is just as good as the other Pokemon I've put up here. I'll see you all next time, and I'll bring the Water-type starter with me!
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