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Standard Fire Starter

It would turn out that the special starters (Purrnip, Caropan, and Wyvent) are not the usual starters for the region in which the story takes place. They are a group of special starter Pokemon that our main characters get the opportunity to choose from due to certain early circumstances (none of which are waking up too late to get the usual starters). Therefore, we thought it about time to introduce the region's standard set of starter Pokemon! These starter Pokemon follow more of the same rules that previous starter Pokemon have, so they are of the classic types (Fire, Water, and Grass) rather than the unusual types of the special starters (Dark, Psychic, and Dragon).

First off, we have the Fire-type starter! It's the smallest of the three, and probably the most cute, cuddly, and speedy. Introducing Squirmug, the Squirrel Pokemon, and its two evolutions Hoardeal and Rodetect!

Name: Squirmug
Classification: Squirrel
Pokedex: This Pokemon spends its free time hiding objects and later retrieving them. It will angrily burst its tail aflame if a hiding place is disturbed.

Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze or Pickup

Hit Points: [][]
Attack: [][]
Defense: []
Special Attack: [][]
Special Defense: []
Speed: [][][]

Description: Squirmug is small and fuzzy, with black beady eyes and orange fur. Its long tail is of a slightly darker color, and is somewhat thin. It is usually seen ablaze, during which time the large, bright flames make it appear wavy and full.

Name: Hoardeal
Classification: Gumshoe
Pokedex: Hoardeal seems able to detect lost items, and will seek them out. However, it will never share its bounty, usually placing the item back later on.

Type: Fire/Psychic
Ability: Blaze or Pickup

Hit Points: [][]
Attack: [][]
Defense: [][]
Special Attack: [][][]
Special Defense: [][]
Speed: [][][][]

Description: In this form, the Pokemon has become slightly larger, having a longer body, but the same eyes and fur. The main addition is a strip of yellow hair that goes from the top of its head and down its back, all the way to the base of its flaming tail. Also, the fur of its underbelly has become white.

Name: Rodetect
Classification: Detective
Pokedex: Rodetect uses its crystal to enhace its memory of where it hid things. This Pokemon is known to create cryptic puzzles to safeguard its treasures.

Type: Fire/Psychic
Ability: Blaze or Pickup

Hit Points: [][][]
Attack: [][][]
Defense: [][]
Special Attack: [][][][]
Special Defense: [][][]
Speed: [][][][][]

Description: Rodetect is bigger and buffer than Hoardeal, but with larger ears that have pink fur on their backs and some spots of a similar pink color on its white-furred underbelly. It also has what resembles a crystal ball (a crystal acorn, actually) that it is always holding. This is used as its memory jogger and treasure detector.

-Squirmug will evolve into Hoardeal at Level 16.
-Hoardeal will evolve into Rodetect at Level 36.

Natural (Level-Up) Moves
Move Squirmug Hoardeal Rodetect
Crystalburst - - 1
Pound 1 1 1
Tail Whip 1 1 1
Growl 7 7 7
Ember 14 14 14
Quick Attack 17 - -
Confusion - 21 21
Fire Spin 24 28 28
Glare 31 - -
Disable - 35 35
Agility 38 42 46
Spite 45 49 54
Flamethrower 52 - -
Psychic - 56 60

Learnable TM/HM:
01: Focus Punch (Hoardeal and Rodetect Only)
04: Calm Mind (Hoardeal and Rodetect Only)
06: Toxic
09: Bullet Seed
10: Hidden Power
11: Sunny Day
15: Hyper Beam (Rodetect Only)
16: Light Screen (Hoardeal and Rodetect Only)
17: Protect
20: Safeguard (Hoardeal and Rodetect Only)
21: Frustration
23: Iron Tail
27: Return
28: Dig
29: Psychic (Hoardeal and Rodetect Only)
30: Shadow Ball (Hoardeal and Rodetect Only)
32: Double Team
35: Flamethrower
38: Fire Blast
40: Aerial Ace
42: Facade
43: Secret Power
44: Rest
45: Attract
46: Thief
48: Skill Swap (Hoardeal and Rodetect Only)
49: Snatch
50: Overheat
HM05: Flash
HM06: Rock Smash

Breeding Group: Ground

Egg Moves: Confuse Ray, Covet, Flame Wheel, Odor Sleuth, Psych Up, Pursuit, Thunder Wave

The stats for Rodetect's new signature move, Crystalburst, are shown below.

Name: Crystalburst
Type: Fire
Power Points: 10
Power: 75
Accuracy: 90%
Range: Both opponents, non-contact

Crystalburst has a 30% chance of making the opponent flinch.

The nature of this move is that Rodetect fills its crystal acorn with powerful energy, which is then unleashed in a large fiery blast triggered remotely by a psychic pulse from Rodetect after it plants the crystal as a land mine or simply throws it towards the opponent -- whichever is currently easier.

...And there you have it! Soon, I'll get about posting the Water and Grass starters as well. Until then!
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