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Ashenhallo: The Hollow Pokemon

Alright! Another day, another new dual-type!

Today we have a stand-alone bruiser, the Hollow Pokemon Ashenhallo!

Name: Ashenhallo
Classification: Hollow
Pokedex: Ashenhallo passes itself as a normal tree, hiding within wooded areas. It protects it territory by moaning wildly and sometimes starting forest fires.

Type: Grass/Fire
Ability: Chlorophyll or Lightningrod

Hit Points: [][][]
Attack: [][][]
Defense: [][][][]
Special Attack: [][][]
Special Defense: [][][]
Speed: [][][]

Description: Ashenhallo is essentially modeled after a treant, basically being a walking tree with a face. The face resembles that of a jack-o-lantern, and looking inside of it certainly makes this Pokemon seem hollow. However, the inside of its trunk is lit by a blue flame that moves about within. The flame is small and hidden when Ashenhallo is dormant, but blazes wildly when the Pokemon is on the attack, often spewing out of the face and erupting from the top of the trunk. Ashenhallow's four (sometimes five) branches are all located near the top of its trunk, and have few leaves, all of which seem painted with a crimson color. These leaves can be set aflame as a means of attack, and grow back quickly after being burnt off. It crawls along the ground with its large, moveable roots and attacks by swinging its branches or breathing flames.

Evolution: Ashenhallow does not evolve.

Natural (Level-up) Moves
Move Ashenhallo
Howl 1
Rage 1
Astonish 6
Will-O-Wisp 12
Ingrain 18
Curse 24
Flame Wheel 30
Screech 36
Slash 42
Moan 48
Eruption 54

Learnable TM/HM:
05: Roar
06: Toxic
09: Bullet Seed
10: Hidden Power
11: Sunny Day
12: Taunt
15: Hyper Beam
17: Protect
19: Giga Drain
21: Frustration
22: Solar Beam
25: Thunder
27: Return
30: Shadow Ball
32: Double Team
34: Shock Wave
35: Flamethrower
38: Fire Blast
41: Torment
42: Facade
43: Secret Power
44: Rest
45: Attract
50: Overheat
HM01: Cut
HM04: Strength
HM05: Flash
HM06: Rock Smash

Breeding Group: Plant

Egg Moves: Destiny Bond, Explosion, Leech Seed, Moonlight, Nature Power, Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent

At level 48, Ashenhallo learns the new move called Moan. The stats for the move are as follows:

Name: Moan
Type: Ghost
Power Points: 20
Range: Single, non-contact

Moan's effect is that it harshly lowers the target's Special Attack stat.

No current moves serve this purpose, so this addition seems like a good idea. I, myself, can think of plenty of instances in which the move would prove useful.

And there you have it. Please leave any comments you like! I'd really appreciate feedback on this new Pokemon, whether it's a question, comment, or an issue that needs to be addressed.
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