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Existing Pokemon Gets A Much Needed Evolution!

Alright, while we're on the topic of some new Pokemon, why not add some that stem a little bit from the existing list of breeds? For those of you who don't mind such additions, here's one you might actually find very awesome (or want to kill me for ever thinking this up)! So without further ado...

Name: Mermarry
Classification: Passionate
Pokedex: A Pokemon that has come to symbolize the passion and loyalty of true love, it is very affectionate and fawns over those it has a liking for, especially their Trainers.

Type: Water/Fire
Ability: Flame Body

Hit Points: [][]
Attack: [][]
Defense: [][]
Special Attack: [][][]
Special Defense: [][][][]
Speed: [][][][]

Description: Mermarry is a somewhat humanshape Pokemon with a face, hair, arms, hands, and upper body similar to that of a child. Its body ends with a pink fish-type tail, making it appear to be a young mermaid. Its mouth is a yellow fish beak (like Luvdisc's) and its eyes are beady and tinted green. Male and Female Mermarries vary in appearance! Female Mermarry's chest is covered by what is best described as a strapless bra with fiery colors and shape design. Her hair is long and also fiery in color. She also appears to be wearing red gloves. Male Mermarry sports a fire-design bowtie around his neck, shorter and curlier hair, and wears white gloves rather than red. Mermarry launches Water-type attacks from its fish-like mouth, and is able to set its hair and gloves ablaze to perform Fire-type attacks.

Evolution: Luvdisc will evolve into Mermarry when exposed to a Fire Stone under Mermarry's Special Area Condition.*

Level-Up (Natural) Moves:
Move Luvdisc Mermarry
Helping Hand - 1
Tackle 1 1
Charm 4 -
Fake Tears - 4
Water Gun 12 12
Agility 16 -
Fire Punch - 16
Take Down 24 24
Attract 28 28
Sweet Kiss 36 -
Lovely Kiss - 36
Flail 40 -
Endeavor - 40
Safeguard 48 48
Follow Me - 55

Mermarry's Compatible TM/HM:
01: Focus Punch
03: Water Pulse
06: Toxic
07: Hail
10: Hidden Power
13: Ice Beam
14: Blizzard
15: Hyper Beam
17: Protect
18: Rain Dance
20: Safeguard
21: Frustration
23: Iron Tail
27: Return
31: Brick Break
32: Double Team
35: Flamethrower
38: Fire Blast
42: Facade
43: Secret Power
44: Rest
45: Attract
46: Thief
50: Overheat
HM03: Surf
HM06: Rock Smash
HM07: Waterfall
HM08: Dive

*The Special Area Condition will be revealed in a future spoiler post!

Well, I hope you don't mind the addition of a brand new Water dual-type. Now I'm just wondering if any of the main characters will be able to find out (and then set up) the special condition for the evolution into this unique Pokemon!
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